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Eugenia finds her themes and the subject of her studies in nature and immediate surroundings. The Swiss American artist creates vibrantly colored oil paintings of flora, fauna, and marine life. 


She captures power and emotion by creating complex shadows, cleverly balanced nuances, and lusty lighting. Her paintings radiate an abundance of colors, natural forms, warmth, and freshness. They inevitably draw in the observer, enhancing mood and surroundings.

Her serial approach reveals her artistic impetus: the object of her studies is not dealt with in one painting alone but is examined carefully in numerous large-format canvases painted in the same color palette and illuminating a great variety of perspectives and questions.

"What I'm interested in are amorphous forms and the challenge of painting them in their various aspects. My pictures are meant to combine originality and sensuous beauty and to conjure up a magical allure."


“We forget to sometimes take a closer look at our surroundings and nature - to feel it. The potential to use our sense is much greater than we think.”


Swiss American artist, born in Zurich, living and working in Zollikon/Zurich, ​Switzerland. Mother to Alix and Henry.


1989 to 1991
Art history at the University of Zurich, Switzerland

1985 to 1986
S.A.C.I. program at the Art Institute of Cleveland, Florence, Italy
Specialization in graphics and oil painting

1983 to 1987
BA in Art, Wheaton College, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
American International School, Zurich, Switzerland​


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