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Eugenia A. Burgo

Eugenia A. Burgo finds her themes, the subject of her studies, in nature, in her beloved garden, while hiking and along beaches. The different grasses, stones and flowers are the starting point for her contemporary paintings.
The untreated linen of her canvas and the pasty way of application contrast remarkably with the precision of her brush strokes which convey an energetic and controlled expressiveness.
The detailed view of a blossom melts into its individual parts, turns into colorful planes and material structures and retains nevertheless, even when viewed in seemingly abstract close-up, its essence – something that Hermann Hesse called its innermost sound.
Her serial approach reveals her artistic impetus: the object of her studies is not dealt with in one painting alone, but is examined carefully in numerous large-format canvases painted in the same color palette and illuminating a great variety of perspectives and questions.
Her irrepressible curiosity makes her get to the heart of matters and not content herself with just one line of vision or the mere surface of things. Instead, she constantly and radically questions her own perspective and in this way approaches the essence of our world.

„What I’m interested in are amorphous forms and the challenge of painting

them in their various aspects.

My pictures are meant to combine originality and sensuous beauty, and to conjure up a magical allure.“